Why does pro-melanin care feel so perfect?

Brown skin has a higher amount of melanin which makes it different in some special ways. And the pro-melanin care range of products has been designed by the finest experts in skincare and cosmetics keeping especially those needs in mind. Which is why it feels so wonderful.

The Right Blend of Ingredients

Drawing from the best of science and nature, our skin loving formulations balance efficacy and gentleness to bring to your skin the best possible care. Vitamins with their potent antioxidant action help keep hyperpigmentation at bay. Prebiotics derived from nature promote good bacteria for healthy skin. And natural ingredients bring their do-good properties to work for you.

And yes, you guessed it, our products are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free because Brwn should be worn with a clear conscience.

Beyond Skincare

And when it comes to cosmetics like our amazing range of lip colours, we have thoughtfully developed these beautiful shades with a deep understanding of skin optics and undertones for brown skin.


What is Melanin?

A natural pigment that gives our hair and skin its colour, melanin exists in all brown skin but in different proportions and is what makes your shade of amazing.

Melanin is amazing in many ways. It makes skin more resilient because it acts as an anti-oxidant by neutralising free radicals. So in a way it helps keep the negativity out of your life AND your skin! It protects the skin cell’s DNA which gives you anti-ageing benefits while partially dampening photo-damage due to UV rays as well. But on the flip side, melanin-rich brown skin also needs extra care in some areas.


Unique Needs of Brown Skin

Our product development process begins with the science of melanin-rich brown skin. With the help of dermatologists, scientists and formulation experts we’ve developed products that are designed to deliver for all shades of brown. And some of the key factors we have taken care of are:


Melanin-rich skin is extra sensitive to irritations.

UV, pollutants, inflammation and scratches can cause excess melanin to get produced which in turn leads to hyperpigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Skin Optics

Melanin-rich skin reflects light differently. Dryness, oil and pores

can seem more apparent as a result. This has implications for both skincare and cosmetics.

Sensorial Needs

Melanin-rich skin has different sensorial needs that must be addressed for effective skincare e.g. moisturisers need to ensure adequate absorption without leaving a white cast on the skin.