Our Story

Brwn has been born from the belief that when we make the world around us more inclusive, it becomes a better place for all. And this is the purpose that inspires us and one that we are committed to. 

A brand started by leading professionals from the skincare industry, this is a team that has seen up close how companies have traditionally looked at brown skin - always as a problem that needs to be treated and transformed into a lighter shade, ignoring its natural beauty and need for care. This outdated perspective has meant that skincare solutions have been designed for fairer skin. And they do not take into account the many natural tones of brown skin, or even its beauty. Besides, setting up unnatural skin tone expectations, the beauty industry weighs further on those who don’t have a lighter skin tone.

This archaic, old-world view must stop. It is time to appreciate, cherish and nurture brown melanin-rich skin, even more so in a country like ours where our skin tones are as varied and rich as the land they come from. It’s time for a ‘pro-melanin’ world and we’re a proud part of it.


Why does pro-melanin care feel so perfect?

Brown skin is rich in melanin. And melanin is amazing in many ways. It makes skin more resilient and protects against damage. But it also displays an increasing tendency for hyperpigmentation, for the skin to develop spots and for it to show as uneven tones and texture. Dryness shows up more prominently on brown skin as well.

With the right blend of science and a deep-rooted focus to ensure the beauty of brown skin, our team has developed skin loving formulations designed to tackle these very issues. We seek vitamins with potent antioxidant action that help keep hyperpigmentation at bay. We have prebiotics derived from nature to promote good bacteria and keep skin healthy. And we source natural ingredients that bring their do-good properties to work for you. 

And when it comes to cosmetics like our range of lip colours, we have gone beyond skincare. A deep understanding of skin optics and the undertones for brown skin have helped us realize amazing shades that are perfect for you.

And yes, you guessed it, its vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, etc. because Brwn should be worn with a clear conscience.


Co-created with dermatologists and experts of colour

Skincare that goes the extra mile for melanin-rich skin – that is why we teamed up with experts who have over a 100 person-years’ experience working to help brown skin stay its best. Leading dermatologists, scientists, formulation and makeup experts came together to create the perfect solutions.

Digging into their years of experience, these experts threw light on the biggest skin concerns, its needs, the sensorial and optical requirements of skincare specifically for melanin-rich skin. They helped identify the unique needs of melanin-rich skin and that was our starting point for product development.


Tested for the Real World with Real Consumers

The real world is out there. And we didn’t want our products to be just backed by the lab. We wanted them to be embraced and liked by the amazing shades of brown skin that they have been designed for. That’s why we had tested them in real world across climes, in high temperature regions and humid locations, by over a 100 people with varying shades of brown. And we reworked and enhanced the products until they were perfect and appreciated by all.


Clean, Ingredient-centric

Vitamins with their potent antioxidant action help keep hyperpigmentation at bay.

Prebiotics derived from nature promote good bacteria to keep skin healthy.

Natural ingredients bring their do-good properties to work for you.

Our products are manufactured & developed by methods which do not involve cruelty to animals.

100% No Risk
Money Back Policy

We're sure that the Brwn product you buy will meet your expectation. But if for some reason, you are not whistling with joy in the first 3 days of buying, then just drop us an email at care@brwn.in. T&C.